Beloved Fwenz

07 July 2011

yeayyy its for you! =')

Hey there. 
Guess what.

i am very happy today cuz i just finished chatting with my close friend from riyadh, saudi. He told me not to worry much cuz they gonna come back here again by September but im sure he knows that its never gonna work out for me.There is no way that i can forget them. =)
i planned a lot of thing so that i will be busy all the time and it will distract me but the good thing is he didn't allow me to do so cuz he do want me to missed them =) 
such a sweet friend. 

Thanks. Im gonna miss u guys.No doubt =)

bukan nak koya saat nih


Sowi ahh beb ade permintaan aku untuk update blog pasnih dalam full english lah ~
Ade orang tak paham ape aku bebel.,
Lepas ni aku try okayyyh walaupun english aku tunggang langgang korang jangan laa kutuk aku. 
Please support me. 
Tapi some part yang aku kutuk2 tuh aku selitlah guna BM
hahahahhhaaha bijak bijak,