Beloved Fwenz

08 July 2011

izzit my 'mom' ?????

i swear this really happened to me. if you are bitterly skeptikal, i suggest you to stop reading it. (as the usual me, being Methapore) hahhahaaa

i woke up early this morning. around 4.50a.m here. thanks to my friend mr nazman from Minneapolis, United States; he called me. If im not mistaken it was around 6.30p.m there.. Babe, try to being considerate pleaseeee T____T 
yeah we chat for a while; also with a friend from riyadh, saudi..before i lost my connection to the internet.

So i went downstairs to get some drink; i  love cold horlicks! in the mean time, i saw my mummy! She was sitting alone, in the dark at the dining table. I went to the plug to turn on the light at kitchen and asked her
"hey mom.what are you doing".but she didnt anwer,and she throw her sleepy face at me.

i didnt expect anything so i went to the kitchen and make a mug of horlicks. As i am about to get some ice from the fridge; i think of something. Hell yeah now im a skeptic psychic. i have to see proof and stuff before i can fully believe anything weird. Im brave enuff yeah?? hahaha When i get back to the dining table, she already gone. I assumed that she already went to her room. The weird part is, why didn't i hear anything if she went to her bedroom and closed the door.? I try to convince myself a lot of stuff was just my imagination, but it didn't help me much.

Im not a coward. but the creepy feeling got so bad, and i freak. so i ran to the upstairs and locked the door! hahaa Then i lay down in bed to rest. i was resting for about half an hour, and when i came down, both my parents already up but they deny my question because they claimed that they just woke up, darlin' .. great, i was pissed as hell, and blamed the horlicks! =p

Maybe they want to scared me off, but take note that i heard nothing, and it would have had to happen in less than a minute. Some people, including myself, ask if the 'phenomena' was really a bunch of hallucinations caused by the stress we lived under. After all, i just finished my shortsemester and it pressure me a lot, and i am quite busy all day long even i already start my sem break, and maybe my "active imagination" manifested itself into self-suggested phenomena. The truth is, i dont think so. haha