Beloved Fwenz

27 August 2010

fate ~

penatnye baru sampai kat uma...dari tadi kerja aku asyik tido..tido...n tido..
ari ni aku nak knal kan kat korang ~ orang yang tak brape nak baru..hikhik dalam hidup aku..
selain family,,sahabat karib.....sedara mara....n yang paling penting ausz...hmmm (-_-!)
nampaknyee kisah cinte aku sblm ni tak kan pergi must go on ~

wan..say hi to them.! =)

Introducing mr wa

Navin and Ploy Chermarn have been dating for a while now. Currently he is in America studying for his Ph.D and she is in Thailand. For others, the distance might be an issue. For this couple it’s not. Thousands of miles apart, still their love is sweet as ever shown in Ploy’s twitter page.
Ploy loves to twitter and she loves to post photos of Navin on her page with cute little captions. She comes off like a bubbly girl in love for the first time. Here is a link to Ploy’s twitter photo page.