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12 July 2011

a boiling point level of fever. =')

# heyyy guys. im sorry that i didnt update my blog for a past few days until some of you start asking me why and when to update it,, here i am. hahaha 
*the date and day (Tuesday) was exactly the same but im not able to post this entry earlier due to some technical mistakes. hahahhaha

YES. (tetibe) assalamualaikum.
beyond my expectations,,i fall sick yesterday.!!!! i thought im dying T______T. (macam ini.macam biase lah kan aku kan bangla tapi yang ade standard lah kan untuk KFC sedunia hohohoho.. asal muka aku je closing.asal closing je muka aku. makne closing ialah shift aku bekerja mestilah kol3petang sampai 12tengah malam hampir setiap hari. sian kat aku. okay takpe lah aku memang suke keje camni sebab tak panas kan siang bule tido =p HAHHAHA

so yesterday i start working at 3pm.. usually when i woke up, i've to take care and play with my cute little niece and nephew and i'll have my lunch before i leave but yesterday i didnt feel like eating..even when im on my break i didnt eat anything but some rice with coeslow and gravy. it wasnt my fault im not hungry. =.=" (dodi will be mad at me if he knows about this) Then.,i felt something wrong.. i ignored it at first, even i have asked my friend to buy a cup of ice blended bubble tea for me =). (Amek kau dah malam sikit mule lah aku meroyan sakit perut hahah abes satu KFC aku bagi seruan "ADOIIII SAKITNYEEE PERUTT" ahhahaha hiperbola jer. tapi memang muke aku time tuh dah nyawa2 ikan lah kan.)
since it's getting worst, till i felt like vomitting.but i cant, and it was so painful and i cried =').Luckily my manager gave me a slip for me to see the doctor at the clinic which is next to our branch. Awww how strategic my KFC is =')

So, i was told by the doctor that i suffered from a gastric. He gaved me an MC.. ceh doctor nih lagi bape jam nak balik bagi MC buat ape, kalau dia bagi MC untuk esok lusa teros takpe lah jugak hahahaa.Since there was only a few hours left go back, i refused to utilise it.Well, luciky all my friends there were caring enough that they asked me to get a sleep while they assist to manage everything for me. So i took their advice + zzzzzzz (im sleeping already) HAHHA

Out of the pink (hahahah), guess what happened then!!!!!! hahaha im having a deadly fever; perhaps at a boiling point temperature again being hiperbolic (sorry soryyy).. When i reached home, i cant do anything but to get a sleep; it was so painful like im having a serious migrain and i walk like a drunk people hahah that was too much i guess.. I really need to get a good sleep that night because my shift on the next day was a bit early which was at manager gave me an overtime actually and everybody was hoping for it; i really want it either =')

Ya Allah, that night i was seriously freakingly in pain seryes nyawa aku rase cam kat hujung tanduk kerbaw jer malam tuh, tak senang aku tido terase haba kaw kaw punye keluar kat badan aku. I cant even sleep; imagine that i was rotating about 360degree at my bed, i even moved down to sleep at the body was damn hot, it was painful and i was sweatin' like hell =( Ish nauzubillah memang sumpah aku fobia nak rase macam tu lagi aku merintih2 sorang2 dalam tido aku yang tak lena tu.

So this morning i woke up at 10am cuz i have to get ready to work but still im not healthy enough and my head was still in pain; even demam aku dah kebah tapi still panas lagi. perut pon masih tak sedap lagi. i decided to informed the other staff to replaced me; sian kat aku takle buat OT..still i decided to go to work by 3pm eventhough both my parents asked me to stay at home...i took a shower then for about an hour so that all the heat and the pain will flow out of my body together with the water..i ate 2tablet of panadol actifast right after that.i even bring the pillow to the living room right infront of tv, with my both charging phone and a wet towel which then i placed it on my forehead; and i continued to sleep till 1o'clock. =p hahahahaa
when i woke up to get ready to work; yeayyyyy my stupid idiot fever was totally recovered! but my stomach is still in pain.oh snap! i didnt eat anything so its empty and its sound like a drum hahahah im very lucky as my beloved daddy make a rice porridge for me...i love rice porridge. Filipinos have a version called Arroz Caldo, with chicken, ginger, garlic, black pepper and scallions; but mine just as simple but lovely one =) i ate that porridge as my lunch with my empty stomach so that i wont get a gastrics anymore. i do ate the medcine that i got yesterday and i put some ....oil (minyak angin) hahaha to my stomach; oh well i cant go to KFC with that smell so i cover it with a bottle of ESCADA pacific paradise perfume.hahahahahahahahahaa not to worry being hiperbolic is just the usual me

haaha this entry turn out like im gonna promote my perfume, no? hahah oh well it was one of my favourite perfume so u should try one! =) so alhamdulillah everythings seems to get back to normal; 

I'm not phobic about having gastrics and I'd never have one like this serious but the pain feeling of it meant I had to be extra carefull and i barely loss my appettite to most of food; hopefully just for the time being. please pray for me yeahhh


husin said...

nin mesti workaholic sgt... sapa tak jaga waktu makan....

Syera Cullen said...

haahha ye ke.. nak workaholic pon kerja kat KFC pulak; makan 24jam buley je. hahahaa

dodi said...

yooo...i hope u'd get better soon...
dont work too much and get some rest from time to time ...and also get something to eat...or a snack if possible...
ok....take care
see yaaa

Syera Cullen said...

hi dodi. tengs for the advise. you too, take care and have fun